DM & Associates customer self service apps are easy to use  apps designed for customer self-service.This improves your relationship with your existing clients by making your service more modern, convenient &flexible.


  • Search – Allows Customers to search by either scanning the Barcode/QR Code of any product, or search by entering the name of the product. Also allows filtering and sorting of products by price, relevancy and rating.
  • Shopping Cart and Checkout – Allows customer to view all the items that he/she has purchased for a final confirmation, and allows customer to pay for these items.
  • Wishlists – Allows customers to add items to a wishlist, allowing them to come back to the store later on to purchase these added articles. Provides the feature to add multiple wishlist and save them.
  • Recommendations – Allows customer to see items that are recommended to them on the basis of the user’s product views and purchases, hence allowing for cross-selling and up-selling of products in the retailer’s store.
  • Order Tracking – Allows customer to view the order and delivery status of the products purchased using the app.
  • Reward Zone – Allows customer to view promotional offers and reward points collected on purchasing certain items from the retail store.
  • Store Locator – Using the GPS/AGPS feature of the phone, the app allows the customer to view the map showing availability of stores nearby with a search field to search stores according to zip code or location.
  • Account Details – Allows Customer to view and edit his profile information like Name, Billing and Shipping Address, DOB, EmailID, PhoneNumber, etc.
  • Share on Social Networking Sites – Allows customer to share products, purchases on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and even on Email.

The Benefits

  • Provides a highly personalized, branded mobile experience
  • Enables M-Commerce to enhance market share and accessibility to customers
  • 24x7x365 channel for customers to shop
  • Customer Retention and Acquisition
  • Uses social media networking to increase market base for retailer
  • Push new promotions &offers