DM & Associates customer self service apps are easy to use apps designed for customer self-service.This improves your relationship with your existing clients by making your service more modern,convenient&flexible.


  • Account Info – Allows Customers to stay on top of their finances and accounts on the move using their mobile device. Using a two-password authentication feature (one for login and one for transactions), the app allows the customer to view balance detail, recent transactions done and also view a mini-statement of the account based on date.
  • Payments – Allows customers to make payments of various bills like electricity, insurance on the go and even schedule payments of these bills at customized regular periods.
  • Transfers – Allows customers to transfer money to their own accounts in the same bank or in other banks, and also allows transfer of money to other account holders in the same bank or in other banks.
  • Quick Deposit – Using integration of the mobile device’s camera, the app allows customers to quickly deposit a check from a mobile by submitting a photograph of the check to the bank, so that the customer does not need to go to the bank in person to deposit the check.
  • ATM&BranchLocator – Using the GPS/AGPS of the mobile device, the app allows the customer to search for the bank’s nearest Branch or ATM, and also allows customer to search for Branches and ATM’s in an area by specifying the ZIP code of the required area.

The Benefits

  • Provides a highly personalized, branded mobile experience
  • Customer Retention and Acquisition
  • Push new promotions & offers to Customers
  • Opportunity to attract more customers and extend the reach of financial services
  • Cross-sell products
  • Reduces operation expenses because of fewer direct teller interactions